Monday, March 21, 2005

Missing for 3 years, 10 months, 21 days

Just thought I'd check in. Still no word from the Montel Williams Show as to when our missing persons segment will air, but will keep you posted. The last missing persons show that they did was aired about 2 months after the taping. Could be the same this time, too. I am just very grateful that they allowed John and me to be on the show. There were others there also, with very important stories to tell about their missing loved ones. A daughter was there because her mother has been missing since December, 2004. A mother was there because her son went missing about 9 months ago. A husband and wife were there because their daughter has been missing for about a year. Also, a woman was there because her sister has been missing about 5 years. All of these people (including us) are very desperate to find the one in our lives who is missing.
Hey, you can leave a comment if you like. Ask questions, leave comments, or whatever.
Sarah can be found on several web sites, but most of the pictures on those are included here. You will probably get a little more information about what happened on some of the web sites about her. Maybe some day soon I will include some of the information about what happened. Is anybody curious? Just ask, then.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Missing for 3 years, 10 months, 13 days

Well, that pretty much tells what I wanted to say today. If Sarah doesn't think that we are missing her, then she's not paying attention. I just pray that she's in a situation where she could call us if she wanted to.
It would be great to know that she's alright and not being held against her will some place. I'm thinking that IF she were a free person, that she would call us. She's got to know that we are still looking for her and will never stop.
Please look at the pictures of her. If you have seen her, please call 1-800-THE-LOST and tell the person who answers where she is. We are really desperate to know that she's well and alright and ALIVE!
Well, you can also see pics of her at this link. Also, I think that she knows about the other web site about her. She should go look at it and see a new page that has been added. The new page has family pics.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hey, Sarah, watch Montel Williams and see your own face on there.
You missed Ben's 4th birthday yesterday. He's really a cutie, and I wish you could see him. He asks about you all the time.
I wear a button with your picture on it and a lot of people ask about you. If you need help from us, please call us. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are safe. Always know that you are loved and missed.
I miss you so much. Please visit your web site again and leave a comment for us.
Also, visit your other web site at
Jill has a baby boy now. He is really cute. She and Paul are living in Houston
I love you. Please call home soon.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Have you seen Sarah?

Hey, if you've seen Sarah, please call 1-800-THE-LOST, 1-903-457-2900. She is listed on several different web sites. If you type 'Sarah Kinslow' on your search bar, you will see several instances of her.
Or, you could type a comment about having seen her. Last we heard, she could have been in Oregon, but that hasn't really been verified.
Thanks so much for reading this.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Where is Sarah Now? Can you help bring her home?

Sarah Kinslow has been missing since May 1, 20001. Her dad dropped her off at school, and she walked away - vanished!
Her friends and family all miss her. She has missed a lot since she's been gone. She's missed her nephew growing up. He asks about her. He sees her picture and wants to see her.
She's also missed a new nephew's birth just this past February.
Maybe she will see the show about missing persons on the Montel Williams show which will probably air sometime in March, 2005. Her pictures are on there. There is video of her on the show, too. If you happen to watch the show, please call in and tell the producer how much you enjoyed this type of show.
There are over 90,000 people missing in the U.S.A. any day and every day. Some were abducted and are being held against their will. Others left home on their own and were later abducted, and possibly killed. There are some that just left home and are alright.
Do you know anybody that has gone missing? It's very scary for the families who don't know where they are, where they spend their days and nights, and if they are even still alive and well.
Look at the faces of the missing. Maybe you will be the one that solves a mystery and finds a missing loved one and helps to connect them back with their families.

Follow this link to a website about her and visit her guestbook. Sign if you'd like to.

2001 Spring School picture of Sarah. Posted by Hello

Sarah in early 2001. Posted by Hello

Sarah in front of Christmas tree, 2000. Posted by Hello

Picture of Sarah in her closet, taken by a friend - early 2001. Posted by Hello

Sarah at Christmas 2000. 2 earrings in right ear, and 4 in left ear. Posted by Hello