Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking for Sarah

Wondering what Sarah is doing Tonight
Nothing going on here. :( Another New Year's Eve and still no Sarah. There are people who know. Why won't they help us? Guess it's the way people are nowadays. Funny, though, that you can catch them changing their stories because they just happened to forget what they had originally said. Funny, that if they'd told the truth in the first place, they wouldn't have to try to remember their lies! Let's take Amber, for instance. Did she go to school that day? Who knows? She's said it both ways! She said she was with Curtis looking for Sarah all day. Then she said that she went to school that day. Sooooo, which was it? Huh, Amber? Why don't you try telling the truth for a change? Could be good for your soul. Think about how you would feel if one of your daughters was missing, and there were people who knew exactly what happened. Would you want them to tell you, or do you really believe that they would be doing her a favor by never telling. What if you daughter ran into some trouble, but you didn't know and couldn't help protect her? What if she had a baby but you didn't know anything about it? Think about how you would feel. Well, you haven't really come close to how I (we) feel, yet. There are more thoughts that have crossed my mind than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. And how about you, Dani? How would you feel? You have changed your story at least 3 times, too. I asked you a certain question, waited a few months and asked again, then waited quite a while and asked again. Each time your answer was different. Do you remember that? I asked you about it when you were here. Think about it and maybe it'll come to you. Are you part of the solution? Don't think so!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Another Christmas without our precious baby girl

Another Christmas and still haven't heard anything from Sarah. What a bummer for us. Well, we will get past that one more time. The Lord has His ways, and He will prevail. I wait upon Him!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Film crew

November, already???!!!! I can hardly believe it.
The 4½ year date of Sarah being gone passed without event. There's not enough going on that would help find Sarah.
"Somebody" out there is going to do a video about Sarah! This IS exciting news! Maybe this will get us more exposure. Flyers have gone out about this endeavor. I checked on the progress the other day, but I heard that so far nobody has responded. Her friends should answer this, because they are the ones that are wanted for either the acting parts or at least for ideas. They aren't going to use me. These people will get money for their input/acting, and a trip to the filming location. I heard that some of the filming will be locally just to make it more authentic. So. . . a film crew will be brought here. The only thing is, though, that if nobody calls, there will be no film.
I really hope that this is a go, because it will give her more exposure. I wonder who's going to play her part. . . I haven't been told.
Well, visit her web site at
BTW, if you knew Sarah and are interesting in the film, being in it, or having input in it, you can call the number and give you name, phone number, and address. They should get back to you in the next few days. Here it is: 877-808-3353.
BTW, I added some pics of Sarah to some of the previous posts. You may like to scroll down and take a look.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Past Few Days

Well, we heard that our Montel Show segment was aired again last week - Monday or Tuesday. This is the fourth time that I know about. I am very thankful that they continue to air our segment. The more people that have the opportunity to see the missing ones, the more likely that somebody somewhere will recognize one of them and be brave enough to make the call that would bring him/her home.
Sometimes people don't call because they don't want to get involved, but it is pertinent that they let their conscience speak for them and do what they know is right. So, if you have seen Sarah or any other missing person, please make the phone call that would help save them from whatever may befall them in desperate situations.

We received a tip a few days ago from this last segment. Could be that's it's really her? But maybe it's not. I'm not going to rush over there until I have a more clear idea that it's really her.

Is she married? Does she have a baby? Maybe we will find out before too long.
Stay tuned for more.

Blessings, Louise Neh8:10 <(((><

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Nothing much going on. Have a real job now and don't post often enough. (Sorry about that, if you are trying to keep up.) Got called on the carpet at work the other day for slandering another person's name. I won't name the person but just know that she is the one who made the phone call telling us that Sarah was missing. Funny how things got blown way out of proportion. Come to find out that she was telling people in her group that I was going around telling people that she knew what happened to Sarah. Wonder why she did that? Does she know and have a guilt complex? So, she is the only source of the grapevine there. She is the one who started spreading stuff around. So, should I accuse her of slandering me???? I really don't want to get into all of that at work. What really happened was this: she had seen a girl in her group and I talking to each other on occasion. When she was talking to the other girl at the other girl's cubicle she happened to glance in the direction of my cubicle and to see the flyers of Sarah that are hanging on my wall. That is when she figured out who I am (we haven't spoken since Sarah went missing.) Then is when she decided that the other girl and I probably just sat around talking about her. Now, does that sound reasonable to you, that the other girl and I would sit around talking about the other girl all the time? Does she not think that I have better things to talk about other than her? Who would want to talk about her??? NOBODY!! What would be the reason? Now, remember, what I had said to the girl at work, is that the other girl had made the call to our house to let us know that Sarah's friends had been looking for her all day. I will say nothing further about her here because I would not want to be accused of slandering her name.
On another note - a more positive one - the Montel Williams Show aired our segment the same week that all of this other stuff had taken place. I'm extremely excited that it is continued to be aired - this is the 3rd time to my knowledge! Is there somebody - ANYBODY out there who knows where our Sarah is? Please help us have some peace of mind about her. Please help us find her and help her if she is being misused or abused. Please help her be safe and found.
You or anybody would think that by this time we would become accustomed to the fact that she is gone from us. But we're not. We still have dreams about her - ALL of us do - everybody in the family does. We miss her, and we miss seeing her smile, hearing her voice and having seen her turn in the woman that she surely is now.
I know and everybody in the family knows that if she were okay, she would call us. She knows our number, and she knows our address. We don't plan on ever moving - at least not until we know where she is. We do want to know where she is - in more ways than one, and for more reasons than one. I am praying that she will turn back to her/our Lord and Savior, and that in doing so, that she would realize that we still love her and that we are looking for her and will NEVER stop looking until our dying days.
Thanks for taking your precious time to read my 'journal'. You are invited to leave your comments below, if you would like.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sarah's 19th Birthday. . .
. . . was a little tough for me/us. John was out of town, but I know that he was thinking about her. Matt and I talked about her. I talked to others about her, and received more than 1 email from people who were praying for her/us.
I had placed a special birthday ad in the paper for her ~ hope she saw it, or one of her 'friends' told her about it.
I created and placed a couple of birthday flyers on the bulletin board at Wal-Mart. This one was a little different from the last couple that I had made. It was more colorful.
Guess we will get by, but only through God's strength will we make it through such tough times.
Neh8:10 - The joy of the Lord is (my) strength.

Friday, June 03, 2005

June 3, 2005

Well, May 1, 2005 was the 4th - yes I said the 4th missing date of Sarah. It was a difficult time. Seems like last year wasn't as bad for me as this year. Don't know why, though. Guess I'm just missing her really badly right now. I couldn't post anything new last month because of horrible depression about it. It would all have been a complete downer, so avoided doing it.
June 14 will be Sarah's 19th birthday. I hope it's a wonderful day for her. We will miss her, but possibly make her favorite birthday cake anyway. Maybe she'll think about us, too and call home.
Got an interesting call last week. The Montel Show aired us a second time already!!! at the re-run time. We didn't know it was going to air again, but think the exposure is really great and I am very thankful that they aired it again so soon. Back to the call: some people in a different town had seen the show, the husband, who is a fireman, had picked up a girl about a week earlier that had 5 bags she was carrying down the road. He saw the show, quite by accident, and really thought that the girl was our Sarah. She told him her name is Sarah (common name, really) and she wasn't really talkative about family, etc. His wife called me (which was a good thing) and I went to the town. Had to wait awhile until Sarah got back from where she had been, so that I could see her myself. These people that were waiting with me (the ones that had called) really wanted it to be my Sarah. There was a slight resemblance, but it was definitely a different Sarah. The first two things I noticed about her is that her teeth are really straight, and her nose is different. Remember, I haven't seen our precious 3rd daughter in MORE Than 4 years so I looked for things that I distinctly know about Sarah that are unique to her. As a matter of fact, the people so wanted it to be our Sarah, that they asked me a couple of times if I was sure that it wasn't her. Yes, I was very sure. :((
That's life, isn't it. But, I still believe that the girl who took the time to look up our phone number and call me, had done the right thing. What if it had been our Sarah and she hadn't called??? Well, she would have always wondered about it, and her conscience wouldn't be clear. Her conscience is clear because she did the right thing. I don't fault her for that, at all. I would rather check out a false lead than not. Members of her family and her friends - people who knew her well - would be the ones to be able to identify her for sure.
Speaking of her friends: John saw one of Sarah's friends a few days ago at the local Wal-Mart and had some words about certain people who know what happened to Sarah but wouldn't tell us anything. It wasn't a pleasant conversation. Now her flyers are coming down (again) from the Wal-Mart bulletin board where I commonly keep them. Hmmm - wonder who could be doing that?!
So, good-bye for today - er - this morning, and I'll add more another time.
BTW, please keep us in your prayers, as her birthday approaches quickly.
Blessings today and always ~ Neh. 8:10 ~ Louise

Friday, April 29, 2005

Another Day Without our Precious Baby Girl

Two days from now (Sunday, May 1, 2005) will be the marker for 4 long years without knowing where our baby girl is. :(( This is just another day for most people, but for our family and friends, it marks 4 full years since we've known the whereabouts of Sarah.
We must continue to face each and every morning wondering where she is, if she's okay, if she'll call us, if she's alive - if she's not. We must face another night of wondering if she has a place to lay her head down for a good night's sleep. The sadness is overwhelming right now.
But for the grace of God, I would be dead now. But for the grace of God, I would not be able to go through another day wondering. But for the grace of God, I would be in an institution. Thank you LORD for Your strength, love, comfort. Please help me make it through today.
Maybe tomorrow will be an easier day. Maybe the sadness won't be so overwhelming tomorrow. LORD, please help me live today for YOU and not for me.
Sarah, where-ever you are, know that you are loved and missed more than I can convey with mere words on paper. I am praying for you - to be safe, to be warm, to have a place to lay your head at night, to be surrounded by people who love you, to miss your family.
I love you, I love you, I love you. ~ Mom

Monday, March 21, 2005

Missing for 3 years, 10 months, 21 days

Just thought I'd check in. Still no word from the Montel Williams Show as to when our missing persons segment will air, but will keep you posted. The last missing persons show that they did was aired about 2 months after the taping. Could be the same this time, too. I am just very grateful that they allowed John and me to be on the show. There were others there also, with very important stories to tell about their missing loved ones. A daughter was there because her mother has been missing since December, 2004. A mother was there because her son went missing about 9 months ago. A husband and wife were there because their daughter has been missing for about a year. Also, a woman was there because her sister has been missing about 5 years. All of these people (including us) are very desperate to find the one in our lives who is missing.
Hey, you can leave a comment if you like. Ask questions, leave comments, or whatever.
Sarah can be found on several web sites, but most of the pictures on those are included here. You will probably get a little more information about what happened on some of the web sites about her. Maybe some day soon I will include some of the information about what happened. Is anybody curious? Just ask, then.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Missing for 3 years, 10 months, 13 days

Well, that pretty much tells what I wanted to say today. If Sarah doesn't think that we are missing her, then she's not paying attention. I just pray that she's in a situation where she could call us if she wanted to.
It would be great to know that she's alright and not being held against her will some place. I'm thinking that IF she were a free person, that she would call us. She's got to know that we are still looking for her and will never stop.
Please look at the pictures of her. If you have seen her, please call 1-800-THE-LOST and tell the person who answers where she is. We are really desperate to know that she's well and alright and ALIVE!
Well, you can also see pics of her at this link. Also, I think that she knows about the other web site about her. She should go look at it and see a new page that has been added. The new page has family pics.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hey, Sarah, watch Montel Williams and see your own face on there.
You missed Ben's 4th birthday yesterday. He's really a cutie, and I wish you could see him. He asks about you all the time.
I wear a button with your picture on it and a lot of people ask about you. If you need help from us, please call us. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are safe. Always know that you are loved and missed.
I miss you so much. Please visit your web site again and leave a comment for us.
Also, visit your other web site at
Jill has a baby boy now. He is really cute. She and Paul are living in Houston
I love you. Please call home soon.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Have you seen Sarah?

Hey, if you've seen Sarah, please call 1-800-THE-LOST, 1-903-457-2900. She is listed on several different web sites. If you type 'Sarah Kinslow' on your search bar, you will see several instances of her.
Or, you could type a comment about having seen her. Last we heard, she could have been in Oregon, but that hasn't really been verified.
Thanks so much for reading this.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Where is Sarah Now? Can you help bring her home?

Sarah Kinslow has been missing since May 1, 20001. Her dad dropped her off at school, and she walked away - vanished!
Her friends and family all miss her. She has missed a lot since she's been gone. She's missed her nephew growing up. He asks about her. He sees her picture and wants to see her.
She's also missed a new nephew's birth just this past February.
Maybe she will see the show about missing persons on the Montel Williams show which will probably air sometime in March, 2005. Her pictures are on there. There is video of her on the show, too. If you happen to watch the show, please call in and tell the producer how much you enjoyed this type of show.
There are over 90,000 people missing in the U.S.A. any day and every day. Some were abducted and are being held against their will. Others left home on their own and were later abducted, and possibly killed. There are some that just left home and are alright.
Do you know anybody that has gone missing? It's very scary for the families who don't know where they are, where they spend their days and nights, and if they are even still alive and well.
Look at the faces of the missing. Maybe you will be the one that solves a mystery and finds a missing loved one and helps to connect them back with their families.

Follow this link to a website about her and visit her guestbook. Sign if you'd like to.

2001 Spring School picture of Sarah. Posted by Hello

Sarah in early 2001. Posted by Hello

Sarah in front of Christmas tree, 2000. Posted by Hello

Picture of Sarah in her closet, taken by a friend - early 2001. Posted by Hello

Sarah at Christmas 2000. 2 earrings in right ear, and 4 in left ear. Posted by Hello