Saturday, November 19, 2005

Film crew

November, already???!!!! I can hardly believe it.
The 4½ year date of Sarah being gone passed without event. There's not enough going on that would help find Sarah.
"Somebody" out there is going to do a video about Sarah! This IS exciting news! Maybe this will get us more exposure. Flyers have gone out about this endeavor. I checked on the progress the other day, but I heard that so far nobody has responded. Her friends should answer this, because they are the ones that are wanted for either the acting parts or at least for ideas. They aren't going to use me. These people will get money for their input/acting, and a trip to the filming location. I heard that some of the filming will be locally just to make it more authentic. So. . . a film crew will be brought here. The only thing is, though, that if nobody calls, there will be no film.
I really hope that this is a go, because it will give her more exposure. I wonder who's going to play her part. . . I haven't been told.
Well, visit her web site at
BTW, if you knew Sarah and are interesting in the film, being in it, or having input in it, you can call the number and give you name, phone number, and address. They should get back to you in the next few days. Here it is: 877-808-3353.
BTW, I added some pics of Sarah to some of the previous posts. You may like to scroll down and take a look.