Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is a little strange, but what the heck!

Things have been changed and now it's harder to add a new blog. Guess I'll give it a go and see what happens.
Something new is coming! Sarah will be featured on a full-page add of her on some of the 1040 IRS booklets that will be published and available early next year. Those of you who file the 1040 may keep an eye out for her ad. Another good thing is that she will also be featured on some ADVOs that will be published - don't know exactly when, though. NCMEC will be working on an Age Progression of Sarah very soon. This is great! I have high hopes for this and am very excited about it. I have seen some of the artists' recent APs and some of them are excellent. Please pray that this will turn out as an excellent likeness of what she now looks like.
These are all very positive things that are happening to help resolve her case, and to find her.
Until next time. . . Neh 8:10 <(((><>

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Special dates that Have Passed

May 1, 2006 was the anniversary of Sarah's 5th 'missing year'. We did an "Adopt-A-Missing-Person" campaign at my place of work in the break-room, and later at the local mall. The purpose was to try to help people be aware of the hundreds of thousands of missing people that are long-term missing. There were info sheets on about 8 people and buttons with their pictures and a phone number to call if seen. This would help to recognize a missing person if you were to see one. May 1 was a sad day, for I never imagined that Sarah would not return home before this length of time. The campaign was basically a bust. People would see the display then quickly look away, like they didn't want to see. Most people had to be asked if they would like to adopt a missing person, and that would get my foot in the door to explain a little about it to them. Still, only a few buttons were taken by a few people. Of course, being local, Sarah's button was the most popular - only because she was local, and then only about 5 of her buttons were taken at the mall, and a couple of them at work.

Today, June 14, is a very special day, as if was 20 years ago today - it is Sarah's birthday. I made a strawberry cake, which is her favorite. Would love to sing "Happy Birthday" to her and take pictures, have a great celebration, and let her blow out the candles and have the first piece of cake, and her choice of ice cream. The only gift I was able to give her, though, is to buy a newspaper ad with her picture and a birthday wish for her. I miss her. :( Wish she knew how much we all miss her.
Went to work today because it was a good day for me to keep busy. Better than staying home thinking only about my loss of my baby girl.