Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010 - Went to church this morning, as usual. When it came to the time for prayer requests I reminded people that Saturday is May 1, meaning that it will be 9 years on that day, since Sarah first went missing. My heart is heavy and I will not have family with me on that day.
We did a balloon release last year for her, and it was very well attended by several members of our church, and a friend of Sarah's who has been a real sweetheart to me all through these tough times. As a matter of fact, she's the only friend of Sarah's who has not totally shunned our family since Sarah left. She may be the only one who really doesn't know where she went.
This year, a balloon release is almost completely out of the question. I have heard that it's now illegal to do balloon releases due to there being a fear of balloons getting caught on wires and causing problems. It seems like there could be something else we could do, but I am out of ideas and frankly don't have the heart to withstand being around other people who love me, but don't have the same feelings as me about Sarah. Yes, there are many out there that knew her before she was born, spent about her whole life going to the same church as us, took her on mission trips, etc. There ARE many who love her, but nobody loves her quite like family.
Dear Lord, please see our family through this crisis. I beg that You would resolve this for us, because we are not able. Please bring her home to her family. I believe that she is with You, now, but I want to know where she was buried and bring the people to justice. Yes, I know it's for my satisfaction, and You will deal with them in Your time, but our pain is tremendous. Please see us through these next few days, especially. Please keep each one of us busy enough doing productive things, to keep our focus off of ourselves. I know Lord, that this is NOT about me, but it sure does feel like it.
Thank You, God, for listening to my feeble prayers. You ARE the LORD of Lords, and the KING of Kings.