Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking for Sarah

Wondering what Sarah is doing Tonight
Nothing going on here. :( Another New Year's Eve and still no Sarah. There are people who know. Why won't they help us? Guess it's the way people are nowadays. Funny, though, that you can catch them changing their stories because they just happened to forget what they had originally said. Funny, that if they'd told the truth in the first place, they wouldn't have to try to remember their lies! Let's take Amber, for instance. Did she go to school that day? Who knows? She's said it both ways! She said she was with Curtis looking for Sarah all day. Then she said that she went to school that day. Sooooo, which was it? Huh, Amber? Why don't you try telling the truth for a change? Could be good for your soul. Think about how you would feel if one of your daughters was missing, and there were people who knew exactly what happened. Would you want them to tell you, or do you really believe that they would be doing her a favor by never telling. What if you daughter ran into some trouble, but you didn't know and couldn't help protect her? What if she had a baby but you didn't know anything about it? Think about how you would feel. Well, you haven't really come close to how I (we) feel, yet. There are more thoughts that have crossed my mind than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. And how about you, Dani? How would you feel? You have changed your story at least 3 times, too. I asked you a certain question, waited a few months and asked again, then waited quite a while and asked again. Each time your answer was different. Do you remember that? I asked you about it when you were here. Think about it and maybe it'll come to you. Are you part of the solution? Don't think so!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Another Christmas without our precious baby girl

Another Christmas and still haven't heard anything from Sarah. What a bummer for us. Well, we will get past that one more time. The Lord has His ways, and He will prevail. I wait upon Him!