Saturday, August 13, 2005


Nothing much going on. Have a real job now and don't post often enough. (Sorry about that, if you are trying to keep up.) Got called on the carpet at work the other day for slandering another person's name. I won't name the person but just know that she is the one who made the phone call telling us that Sarah was missing. Funny how things got blown way out of proportion. Come to find out that she was telling people in her group that I was going around telling people that she knew what happened to Sarah. Wonder why she did that? Does she know and have a guilt complex? So, she is the only source of the grapevine there. She is the one who started spreading stuff around. So, should I accuse her of slandering me???? I really don't want to get into all of that at work. What really happened was this: she had seen a girl in her group and I talking to each other on occasion. When she was talking to the other girl at the other girl's cubicle she happened to glance in the direction of my cubicle and to see the flyers of Sarah that are hanging on my wall. That is when she figured out who I am (we haven't spoken since Sarah went missing.) Then is when she decided that the other girl and I probably just sat around talking about her. Now, does that sound reasonable to you, that the other girl and I would sit around talking about the other girl all the time? Does she not think that I have better things to talk about other than her? Who would want to talk about her??? NOBODY!! What would be the reason? Now, remember, what I had said to the girl at work, is that the other girl had made the call to our house to let us know that Sarah's friends had been looking for her all day. I will say nothing further about her here because I would not want to be accused of slandering her name.
On another note - a more positive one - the Montel Williams Show aired our segment the same week that all of this other stuff had taken place. I'm extremely excited that it is continued to be aired - this is the 3rd time to my knowledge! Is there somebody - ANYBODY out there who knows where our Sarah is? Please help us have some peace of mind about her. Please help us find her and help her if she is being misused or abused. Please help her be safe and found.
You or anybody would think that by this time we would become accustomed to the fact that she is gone from us. But we're not. We still have dreams about her - ALL of us do - everybody in the family does. We miss her, and we miss seeing her smile, hearing her voice and having seen her turn in the woman that she surely is now.
I know and everybody in the family knows that if she were okay, she would call us. She knows our number, and she knows our address. We don't plan on ever moving - at least not until we know where she is. We do want to know where she is - in more ways than one, and for more reasons than one. I am praying that she will turn back to her/our Lord and Savior, and that in doing so, that she would realize that we still love her and that we are looking for her and will NEVER stop looking until our dying days.
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Anonymous said...

ok, so the girl has a problem, it would seem,and guilt sounds right. One would have to stop and think what drives people and why. Shame that she was not a big enough person to talk to you before she went running(and whining) to the 'superiors'.Sounds like the proverbial mountain out of a molehill. Poor baby,hope she is as important to people as she thinks she is. Sissy

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,

I just dropped in to see the latest info. Wish I was there to give you a great big hug, but here is one anyway!(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))
Still praying,
Love, Tina in KY

Anonymous said...

The girl was not being childish. She just didn't like that fact that she was being accused for being the one who called in worried that her friend had disappeared when they were just together that weekend. She was just worried and knew her parents and family would like to know what had happened that day. The reason why she did what she did at work was because people was coming up to her and was being told that Louise was spreading around that she was the main person for Sarah being missing. All she was doing was being a good friend and do something right. Why blame her for that.

Louise said...

What accusation? The girl immediately went into a rage when she realized who I was, went to HR, and told them that I was telling everybody that she was involved for Sarah's disappearance. It is my belief that the friends that told the girl knew something - otherwise why did they wait all day to tell somebody and why didn't they call us themselves instead of going to this girl's house and have her call us.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Greenville and reading this breaks my heart that someone out there KNOWS something that has happened to this girl and not speaking up to telling the parents what happend. This could all be over with IF somone was BIG enough to stand up and say Hey I know something and want to do whats right and tell you what I know. I lost a girl 20 years ago, 4 days after her birth and still to this day I have my moments when I miss her, Which is almost daily. I can't imagine how her mom and dad are feeling with NO closure. My prayers go out to you and your family.Keep the faith and God WILL come through for you.